I'd like to take the time and thank Nanity for finding out several things,
he made the spells and skill calculator possible, pointed out the strange ability of the Air Elemental, and helped with several other things.
I'd like to take the time and thank in no particular order,
Arthur for sharing his knowledge about finding treasures in the desert,
Dragon20021 for several research on creatures,
Bilbo for various research,
Joliath for research on weight,
Randall23 for research on weight, items, creatures and alot of other things,
Splut for various research including drop rates,
Destroyerthepenguin for drop rates,
Senzari for drop rates and various research,
Plankton for making a great helpsite and
having alot of information available that was very useful for all of us,
Locojoe4 for several research,
Darkenrahl for several research on creatures,
Mikey64 for having alternate ways of enjoying shilla and his research too, as well as pointing out several things,
Dreamseeker for various research,
Isaac for research on items, restrictions, creatures and other things,
Streames for various research,
Lumberjak for various things,
Bacchus for mapping the mansion and all other info relating it,
Sirius for finding out unknown forge combos and helping with research
in the pyramid as well as some other things,
Betaprobe for research,
and Envee for research on the Ferrule, and some other things

Like I said, all names are in no particular order. I have probably forgotten a LOAD of names that really should be on here, so all you have to do is notify me and you're on there in a second.
Furthermore, Special Credits go to:
-The Wizard of Death, with his marvelous skills he managed to patch us up with various online calculators. He's a genious =)
-Whitebird, for his intensive research on the Monster Hit Calculator, and also for programming the early Stats Calculator. Without him, it wouldn't be here now.
-Dragon-x, for his incredible graphics skills. He helped with the maps alot. Thanks!
-Jareth, for her help setting up the message board and guestbook. Thanks!
-Sotrin, our host! Also great help at times.
-The site maintainers, who don't want to stand in the spotlights of the Credits Page, Alphablast and Kalfir. ;)