Don't let go, never give up, it's such a wonderful life.
This is just a quickly set up page with some basic information on Hurts, an new uprising music act that is bound to become sensational.

Hurts has risen from the ashes of their former band Daggers and now consists of only two members: Theo Hutchcraft (vocals) and Adam Anderson (keyboard, synthesizers). They ranked fourth in the BBC's Sound of 2010. Watch them.

So.... you're looking for some tracks, eh? You're in luck. Yes, you are. Follow this link to find seven high quality tracks, some pictures and lyrics. You're quite welcome, actually. :) If you happen to have any other songs (Happiness, Sunday, Happier?) then please send me an email:

Tracks known so far:
Wonderful Life
Blood, Tears & Gold
Silver Lining
Better Than Love
Sunday (?)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the link to what you came for!

- Steve

P.S. Link doesn't work? Here's a mirror link.


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