Clubwielders Speciality Weapon Bonus
(Mace, War Hammer, Ogre Club, Dwarven Hammer,
Morning Star, Double Ball Flail, Earth Obsidian Mace
Scepter of Alura Dhir)
Quest 1 ---
Quest 2Accuracy +2%
Quest 3Critical Hits +3%
Quest 4(Total) Accuracy +5%
Quest 5(Total) Critical Hits +6%
Quest 6(Total) Accuracy +9%
Quest 7(Total) Critical Hits +9%
Quest 8---
Quest 9(Total) Accuracy +15%

Clubwielders Guild
Quest 1: The first quest is simple, like with any other speciality guild. Get yourself a club, and join up.
Quest 2: The second quest requires you to kill 250 Goats. It will focus on your accuracy and improve on it. Afterwards, you'll have better accuracy.
Quest 3: The third quest focuses on getting critical hits, and you'll need to get a Dwarven Hammer for this quest. Then, get 500 critical hits with it, anywhere you want in shilla. Afterwards, you'll have critical hits with any Club.
Quest 4: The fourth quest continues with accuracy, and you're going to have to kill 450 Deep Dark Forest creatures. After this, you're missing less again.
Quest 5: The fifth quest is much like the 3rd. Get up on your feet with the Dwarven Hammer again, and get 1000 critical hits, anywhere.
Quest 6: Continuing with accuracy, you now have to kill 600 White Dragons.. and you thought you were out of the Keep, huh? Afterwards, your accuracy will be better yet again for Clubs.
Quest 7: Much like the 3rd and 5th quest, and also of the Swordhandlers their quests, you must get 1500 critical hits now, with the Dwarven Hammer. Yes, anywhere.
Quest 8: Now you must do something else besides killing creatures. Get one of each Club in shilla. Check above to see which ones you need.