Fighters Guild
Quest 1: After joining, you get your first little quest. The quest is: Get your Strenght and Constitution up to 100 each. Just train these two stats at the Training Hall until they're at those levels, then return to the Fighters Guild. You'll get your first promotion.
Quest 2: Go back to the Armory for the next Quest. This one is bigger than the previous, and also a little harder. You have to take orders to Smitty, Durrinthar and Kilmur. The first order goes to Smitty, the Town's Weapon Shop owner. Go to him, and he'll give you a note. Bring the note back to the Armory, and you'll get the next order for Durrinthar. He is the Armor Shop owner in the Elven Village, so you need to be sure you can get in there (check the Restrictions Page for this). When you get to Durrinthar, he won't agree with the order, and you must return to the Fighter Guild. Here, you'll be given the note for Kilmur, the Dwarven Weapon shop owner. Again, check if you can get in here for sure, and then go to Kilmur. He'll be mad, and send you back again. When back at the Fighters Guild again, you'll be given another note for Durrinthar, so head to Yggdrasil, the Elven Village yet again, and give the response to him. He will either say that he can get this order, or that he can't. If he can't, you must kill 200 Trolls for him to get his order. If you already killed 200 Trolls before, this whole part is automatically skipped. Afterwards, go back to the Fighter Guild again. You'll get your second promotion.
Quest 3: Once again, head back into the armory. It seems they calmed Kilmur, the Dwarven Weapon shop owner, a little bit down. You must go back to him, and get him certain supplies, so he can get the order that the Guild wants. Go to Kilmur, and he'll assign you on a mining job. You will have to mine several things for him. First of all, get the mining skill trained to level 20. Not higher, not lower. 20 should be just fine, and it won't drain that much fatigue at that level. Then, head into the mines, and start mining. It's wise to pick up everything you get, because Kilmur needs the following, in this order: 10 Tiny Pearls, 10 Tiny Gold Nuggets, 5 Small Pearl, 5 Small Gold Nuggets, 3 White Pearls and 3 Gold Nuggets. So pick up those things. When you've satisfied Kilmur with these items, he'll send you back to the Guild with the order, and you've completed the quest, which makes you ready for you third promotion already.
Quest 4: Enter the Forge for a change. A Dwarf and a Draconian here will be pleased to see you. They require a White Pixie Dust, as an ingredient for a forge they're searching for. But, it has to be fresh, which means you must get a new one, and all old ones you're holding will not count. Therefore, head to the Dark Forest and beat several White Slimes until you get the White Pixie Dust. Bring it back, and you'll be promoted for the 4th time (although it's not said this time, you are indeed promoted).
Quest 5: For the last time, go to the Armory again. This time, your quest is to kill a bunch of Killer Wolfs (50 to be precise). When you've killed them, go back to the Guild's Armory. You'll be rewarded with your fifth promotion.
Quest 6: Head to the Forge again. This time, your quest is to get a Red Ruby, a fresh one, that is. Head to the Sky Castle 1st Floor and beat several Ruby Golems to get it. When you return, you're promoted for the 6th time.
Quest 7: Back at the Forge again, they require you to get a Red Ruby Neckpiece. Get it by killing some Hatchling Dragons. It's not the right thing when you bring it back. They want you to get Red Ruby Leggings now.. which you can get by killing Hippogriffs in the Clouds. Bring it back just to find it's still not the right item. Now they know for sure: It's the Red Ruby Gauntlets they need, dropped by Young Red Dragons. Get it and return. It's the right item, and you're promoted for the 7th time.
Quest 8: The next item that they require is a weapon. Namely, the Blackened Staff. Forge it and bring it to them to recieve your 8th promotion.
Quest 9: Once again back at the forge, this is the last quest you'll get. The dwarf and the draconian require you to get some Atlantis Food, but they don't know which for sure. All items must be fresh (and may not be sent). First they want some Dark Chocolate, which is dropped by Inlov, in the Walkways of Atlantis. Use the Atlantis Map Page to get around this place. It's a real pain to get here, and it's also a pain to beat such a strong creature, so I suggest you train a bunch of scrolls again to beat 9.2 Million Life or so, which should take her out. Bring it back, and you'll find it's not the right item. Now they want some Ambrosia. You can either get it from Carmallo, who drops it, and appears in the Red Tower of Atlantis, or you can search your ass off in the desert and find it rarely at 5-ways. I suggest you kill Carmallo with scrolls. Bring the item back, just to find out they need Golden Apples now, dropped by Timura in the Golden Tower of Atlantis. Kill her, and bring it back. You'll not only get the 9th promotion, but you also found the Guild Forge. If you return when you're a little stronger, you get the forge for the Pierced Bracelet, an item that lowers creature armor, so you need a bunch less attacks to kill it. Pretty useful.. if you can forge it. It can only be forged when you've done all quests of the Fighter Guild.