Mana Users Guild
Quest 1: After joining, you'll be assigned a little quest; You must get 100 spell levels before you are accepted as a "real member". After having done so, you're rewarded with your first promotion.
Quest 2: For your second quest, walk into the Alchemy Lab, a place to search for a secret formula to reveal a forge. You must get a fresh Green Pixie Dust, so all old ones don't count. Head near the castle entrance and kill some Green Slimes to get the Dust. Return, and you'll get your second promotion.
Quest 3: Head back to the Alchemy Lab. The Alchemist now requires you to get Pearl Plate Mail, which is dropped by Kraken in the corners of Lake Gala. Head over, kill some, and bring it back to the Alchemist. It appears it's not what he was looking for, and you're going to have to get a Pearl Polished Shield now. Head to the Deep Dark Forest, down in the Pit, and look for the Quetzalcoati, who's at the bottom, and drops the shield on occassion. Just make sure you have plenty of life .. then bring the shield back the the Alchemist. When you do, you'll recieve your third promotion.
Quest 4: Head to the Lab again. The Alchemist is glad to see you, as he requires some new items. First of all, he wants you to get him a new Magic Water, old ones don't count. Head to the DDF, kill a Gorgon in the Pit, and bring the Magic Water back. It's not what he wanted, apparently, so now he wants a Sparkling Silver. Go back to the DDF, kill a few Archers or Imps, and bring it back to the Alchemist. Again it's not what he wanted. Now he will ask for a Red Wine, so head to the Maze.. walk all the way until you get to the Inner Maze. Here, search for Queen Warriors or Queen's Guards, and kill them for the Red Wine. Bring it back, and you'll get your fourth promotion.
Quest 5: For a change, go to the Guild Library again. Your next quest consists out of fetching and delivering a series of overdue books. The first book you need to get is rented by Ilanaqu, who teaches spells in the Elven Village. Once you've gotten there, she asks you if you can get her a Green Pixie Dust. Well, been there, done that, so do it again, and give it to her. She tells you she needs more time, probably trying to learn Acid Cloud, so she sends you back to the Guild. Now you must go to Kaalder, the Draconian spell teacher. Make sure you can enter the Draconian Lair.. you'll certainly need to be sure since the Drunken Guards will always hit you on sight. When you get to Kaalder, he first needs some Fire Water before he returns the book... Best not to argue with a Draconian that teaches Fireball, right? Kill soms Orcs in the Volcano Crater, and bring the Fire Water to Kaalder. He gives you the book, which you can return now. Back in the Guild, you must now go to the Elven Loremaster, a.k.a the Story Teller, and ask him the book back. Go to the Elven Village, and the Loremaster will give you the book. Return it to the Mage Guild. Now go back to Ilinaqu, at the Elven Spell Shop. She will give you the last book, which you can return now. You'll be rewarded with your fifth promotion.
Quest 6: Head to the Alchemist. This is a pretty short quest. You need to get an Azure Diamond, so go kill some Azure Golems and bring it back for your 6th promotion.
Quest 7: Similar to Quest 4 of the Figher Guild, you must now kill a Death Angel, found in the Well, in the Plains, to aquire a Fire Storm Scroll. Bring it back to receive your 7th promotion.
Quest 8: Go to the Guild Library again. In order to get some crucial information about the Warlock, you must seek out Arch-Druid, Bel Tistle, who is a Lich now, and teaches spells in Necropolis. I suggest you wear an Invisibility Ring while attempting to find him. When you've found him, he will ask for his favorite book. Go back to the Mage Guild, and get that book. Head back to the Lich, and give it to him. Satisfied yet? Not quite.. he wants you to go to the Yggdrasil in the Elven Village now, to get either a Yggrdrasil Leaf or a Yggdrasil Berry. This is very hard, as you must walk around the tree for a long time, in the hope you'll notice a Golden Treasure Chest sooner or later, which contains what you want. Try searching the first level, going past all spots, especially the dead ends, then the second to third levels, and the top, then go down again and repeat until you've found something. When you got it, give it to the Lich, and he'll hands over the book. Go back to the Guild, and you're quite ready for your 8th promotion.
Quest 9: The Lich's already hinted at this. You must get a Fired Stiletto, which you can forge. Bring it back. Once you've done this quest, your 9th and last promotion is well earned, as well as the special Mage Guild Forge the Wizard Bracelet, which will power up all your spells.