Rangers Speciality Weapon Bonus
(Throwing Daggers, Bow of the Equinox, Elven Bow,
Air Crystal Bow, Silver Throwing Dagger)
Quest 1 ---
Quest 2Accuracy +2%
Quest 3Damage +2%
Quest 4Critical Hits +3%
Quest 5(Total) Accuracy +5%
Quest 6(Total) Damage +4%
Quest 7(Total) Critical Hits +6%
Quest 8---
Quest 9???

Rangers Guild
Quest 1: Of course, you can only see and join this speciality when you're in the Fighters Guild. It's located in the Elven Village. From the Yggdrasil donation point: East, North, West, West, North. Your first quest is to get a Ranged Weapon (Note: Any weapons you've been holding for a long time won't count no matter what.. discard those stacks, and buy new ones). I suggest you get either a Throwing Dagger, Silver Throwing Daggers, or an Elven Bow.
Quest 2: Now your training begins. You must kill 200 Vampire Bats (in the Dark Forest), with a ranged weapon. Make sure you got a new one, and kill a few bats, then check if it added to your kills, and if so then kill 200. If not, sell the weapon, then buy a new one, or forge a new one. Also, wether you already had killed 200 Vampire Bats, these kills have to be new ones. When you're done, return. Your Accuracy has increased for Ranged Weapons (And decreased for all other weapons).
Quest 3: This quest is about increasing your damage. Therefore, you must kill 200 hard skinned Basilisks in the Pit, in the Deep Dark Forest. Use the Ranged Weapon of your choice. Afterwards you'll have better damage for Ranged Weapons (and worse for other weapons).
Quest 4: This quest focusses on getting critical hits from Ranged Weapons. Head to the Reapers Walkway, in the Dungeon, and kill Reapers until you've made 150 critical hits on them. Keep count yourself, and around when you think you've made it, head back. You'll now have critical hit on Ranged Weapons.
Quest 5: This quest is all about Accuracy again, so you must head into the wide Plains, and kill 500 creatures with your Ranged Weapon (doesn't matter which creatures). After you're done, head back, and you'll have better Accuracy on Ranged Weapons (and worse again on other weapons).
Quest 6: Now it's time for more damage increasement lessons. This being a hard job this time, since you must kill 1250 Sky Castle creatures, something that'll take you some time. But after that, you'll have your damage bonus for Ranged Weapons (and yet again lower damage on other weapons).
Quest 7: Easier than the previous quest, this quest focusses on your critical hits again, and requires you to head to Black Dragons, and make 400 critical hits on them. Count them as usual, and return when you think you're done. You'll have a critical hit increasement on Ranged Weapons.
Quest 8: This Quest doesn't really have a reward .. well, it does. It learns you about which weapons are Ranged Weapons. Therefore, to learn, you must get one of each. Make sure they're not really old. Get Throwing Daggers, Silver Throwing Daggers, an Elven Bow, Bow of the Equinox and another unknown weapon to complete the quest.
Quest 9: You've got to kill 100 Mimics in the Ice Palace. This is a nearly impossible task, since Mimics are rare as hell. Just train in the Ice Palace normally when you can 1-rd there, and then try this.