Staffmasters Speciality Weapon Bonus
(Staff, Staff of Eternity, Flaming Staff, Magi Staff,
Staff of the Desert Wind, Elven Staff, Jeweled Emerald Wand,
Rod of Destiny, Steel Banded Staff)
Quest 1 ---
Quest 2Critical Hits +3%
Quest 3Accuracy +2%
Quest 4(Total) Critical Hits +6%
Quest 5(Total) Accuracy +5%
Quest 6(Total) Critical Hits +9%
Quest 7(Total) Accuracy +9%
Quest 8---
Quest 9???

Staffmasters Guild
Quest 1: The first quest is simple, like with any other speciality guild. Get yourself a staff, and join up.
Quest 2: You're going to focus on getting critical hits with staffs, and you need to make 125 critical hits in the DDF. With the staff of your choice, of course.
Quest 3: Now you're going to work on accuracy with staffs. You need to get an Elven Staff and kill 200 dungeon creatures. Aftewards, you'll have better accuracy.
Quest 4: Back to critical hits, you'll now need 300 critical hits with any staff you want, on Keep Druids. After that, you'll have some more critical hits.
Quest 5: You're going to work on accuracy again. You must kill 450 Minotaurs (in the Druid Keep), with your Elven Staff. After that, your accuracy will be better again.
Quest 6: Back to critical hits, and you must now kill 550 Clouds creatures, with any staff you want. After that, you've got better critical hits.
Quest 7: One hard quest, you must now kill 750 Desert creatures, with, you could've guessed it, the Staff of the Desert Wind. You'll get better accuracy from it.
Quest 8: You must retrieve one of each staff that's available in shilla. Check above for the ones you need to get.