Swordhandlers Speciality Weapon Bonus
(Sword, Gleaming Short Sword, Katana, Guard Sword,
Elven Sword, Sword of Darkness, Flaming Scimitar,
Aqua Sapphire Sword, Claymore, Frosted Saber)
Quest 1 ---
Quest 2Accuracy +2%
Quest 3Critical Hits +3%
Quest 4(Total) Accuracy +5%
Quest 5(Total) Critical Hits +6%
Quest 6(Total) Accuracy +9%
Quest 7(Total) Critical Hits +9%
Quest 8---
Quest 9(Total) Accuracy +15%

Swordhandlers Guild
Quest 1: The first quest is easy. You just have to get yourself a sword, in order to go on with the rest of the quests. Get one, and that'll be the first quest.
Quest 2: The second quest requires you to go to Lake Gala and kill 250 creatures. With a Sword-like weapon, of course. After the quest, your accuracy for swords will be increased, due to a quick-thrust technique.
Quest 3: For the third quest, you must get an Elven Sword first. Then, go train anywhere you like. The goal is to get 500 critical hits, which can be on any creature. After the quest, you'll have gotten (extra) critical hits on swords.
Quest 4: In the fourth quest, you must kill 400 Serpentflies with a sword of your choice. They Serpentflies are found in the Deep Dark Forest, in the Pit. After the quest, your accuracy will be better.
Quest 5: Much like quest 3, but this time you'll need to get 1000 critical hits with your Elven Sword. Doesn't matter where. And of course, your critical hits will increase after this.
Quest 6: Back to accuracy we go, and now it's time to kill 600 Cherubs in the Sky Castle with the sword of your choice. Afterwards your accuracy will be better again.
Quest 7: Much like quest 3 and 5, this time get 1500 critical hits with your Elven Sword. Again, doesn't matter where, and again, your critical hits go up by this.
Quest 8: This quest requires you to get 1 of each sword in shilla. Check above for which ones you need.
Quest 9: This quest has you traveling to the Glacier. To complete this quest, you must kill 1000 glacier creatures with a sword of your choice. After this quest, your accuracy will go up a final time.