Some things to point out regarding these forge combos.
The last combo in each series can only be forged in the Draconian Forge.
All other combos can be forged in town. Also, the elemental weapons
can only be forged by someone of that align. Otherwise, the forger
will say hes unable to make that item. The weapons will be colored
with the align color on this table to point that out.

Monster: Location:
Emerald Golem Teleport to Cemetery Crypt. Go East, North, and this spot
and the next north above that will show the Golem.
Green Slime Teleport to Castle Entrance. Go East for one spot, and then north for the other spot.
Azure Golem Teleport to Deep Dark Forest. Keep walking south til you get to the dead end.
This spot and the one before that are where they show.
White Slime Teleport to Dark Forest Food Shop. Walk south to the dead end.
This and the spot before that are where they show.
Ruby Golem 1st Floor Sky Castle, the NE and SE corners.
Red Slime 1st Floor Sky Castle. the NW and SW corners.
Obsidian Golem Desert, on the spots that lead to the Southwest & Southeast Oasis. May take some time to find without a compass.
Black Slime Desert, on the spots that lead to the Northwest & Northeast Oasis. May take some time to find without a compass.
Sapphire Golem Glacier, Northeast of 6-way. Both the 1st and 2nd spot(where the link goes down as well).
Blue Slime Glacier, From 6-way: NW, NW, D, NW, NW, N, N, N, N, Up. Its this spot and the NW next to it.

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Sword Combos:
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food
Guard Sword: Chain Mail Neckband/ Green Emerald/ Gleaming Short Sword/ Green Pixie Dust/ Cooked Meat
Sword of Darkness: Green Scale Neckband Azure Diamond/ Guard Sword/ White Pixie Dust/ Ogre Pound Cake/
Flaming Scimitar: Pearl Necklace/ Red Ruby/ Sword of Darkness/ Red Pixie Dust/ Gold Cigar/
Aqua Sapphire Sword: Halfling Necklace/ Red Ruby/ Gleaming Short Sword/ Red Pixie Dust/ Nanners/
Claymore: Red Ruby Necklace/ Black Obsidian/ Flaming Scimitar/ Black Pixie Dust/ Oasis Water/
Frosted Saber: Mythril Necklace/ Aqua Sapphire/ Claymore/ Aqua Pixie Dust/ Raw Imp/

Mace Combos:
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food
War Hammer: Chain Mail Pants/ Green Emerald/ Mace/ Green Pixie Dust/ Dehydrated Druid
Morning Star: Green Scale Leggings Azure Diamond/ War Hammer/ White Pixie Dust/ Bear Steak/
Double Flail Bail: Pearl Leggings/ Red Ruby/ Morning Star/ Red Pixie Dust/ Swill/
Earth Obsidian Mace: Orc Leggings/ Red Ruby/ Mace/ Red Pixie Dust/ Guard Snack/
Flanged Mace: Red Ruby Leggings/ Black Obsidian/ Double Flail Bail/ Black Pixie Dust/ Fire Water/
Scepter of Alura Dhir: Mythril Pants/ Aqua Sapphire/ Flanged Mace/ Aqua Pixie Dust/ Mammoth Steak/

Staff Combos:
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food
Jeweled Emerald Wand: Chain Mail Guantlets/ Green Emerald/ Staff/ Green Pixie Dust/ Spicey Bat Wings
Staff of Eternity: Green Scale Guantlets Azure Diamond/ Jeweled Emerald Wand/ White Pixie Dust/ Hydra Flanks/
Magi Staff: Pearl Gauntlets/ Red Ruby/ Staff of Eterity/ Red Pixie Dust/ Dragon Ribs
Rod of Destiny: Red Ruby Gauntlets/ Black Obsidian/ Magi Staff/ Black Pixie Dust/ Red Hot Chili Peppers
Steel Banded Staff: Mythril Gloves/ Aqua Sapphire/ Rod of Destiny/ Aqua Pixie Dust/ Tuna/

Ranged Weapon Combos:
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food
Elven Bow: Wooden Shield/ Green Emerald/ Throwing Daggers/ Green Pixie Dust/ Peeza
Bulls Eye Daggers: Emerald Fire Shield Azure Diamond/ Elven Bow/ White Pixie Dust/ Pegasus Wing/
Silver Throwing Daggers: Pearl Polished Shield/ Red Ruby/ Bulls Eye Daggers/ Red Pixie Dust/ Red Wine/
Air Crystal Bow: Draconian Shield/ Red Ruby/ Throwing Daggers/ Red Pixie Dust/ Shark Meat/
Bow of the Equinox: Red Ruby Shield/ Black Obsidian/ Silver Throwing Daggers/ Black Pixie Dust/ Rhino Horn/
Bow of Dragons: Mythril Buckler/ Aqua Sapphire/ Bow of the Equinox/ Aqua Pixie Dust/ Feeter Bel Asaag/

Axe Combos:
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food
Jeweled Batle Axe: Chain Mail Boots/ Green Emerald/ Battle Axe/ Green Pixie Dust/ Zombie Punch
Superior Jeweled Batle Axe: Green Scale Boots Azure Diamond/ Jeweled Battle Axe/ White Pixie Dust/ Troll Nogg/
Triumphant Jeweled Batle Axe: Pearl Polished Boots/ Red Ruby/ Superior Jeweled Batle Axe/ Red Pixie Dust/ Golden Showers/
Fire Ruby Axe: Elven Boots/ Red Ruby/ Batle Axe/ Red Pixie Dust/ Whale Meat/
Ultimate Jeweled Batle Axe Red Ruby Slippers/ Black Obsidian/ Triumphant Jeweled Batle Axe/ Black Pixie Dust/ Oysters/
Giant War Axe: Mythril Boots/ Aqua Sapphire/ Ultimate Jeweled Batle Axe/ Aqua Pixie Dust/ Dark Chocolate/

Mana Weapon Combos:
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food
Emerald Orb: Chain Mail Coif/ Green Emerald/ Obsidian Wand/ Green Pixie Dust/ Crab Legs
Iron Baton: Gold Crown Azure Diamond/ Emerald Orb/ White Pixie Dust/ Fishtail/
Ruby Mace: Pearl Horned Crown/ Red Ruby/ Iron Baton/ Red Pixie Dust/ Sparkling Silver/
Blackened Staff Red Ruby Helm/ Black Obsidian/ Ruby Mace/ Black Pixie Dust/ Vial of Blood/
Ferrule of Reki Mia: Mythril Helm/ Aqua Sapphire/ Blackened Staff/ Aqua Pixie Dust/ Baklava/

Dagger Combos:
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food
Warrior Knife: Chain Mail Shirt/ Green Emerald/ Knife/ Green Pixie Dust/ Whey Bread
Dagger of the Night Green Scale Mail Azure Diamond/ Warrior Knife/ White Pixie Dust/ Magic Water/
Fired Stiletto: Pearl Plate Mail/ Red Ruby/ Dagger of the Night/ Red Pixie Dust/ Jail Bait/
Tempered Kris Red Ruby Mail/ Black Obsidian/ Fired Stiletto/ Black Pixie Dust/ Sticky Fluid/
Sculpted Dirk: Mythril Ringmail/ Aqua Sapphire/ Tempered Kris/ Aqua Pixie Dust/ Shrimp/