Weapon Forge Combo's
(Slashes are for Copy/Paste to chat)
Forged Item Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food Forge
Eagle Talisman: Wooden Shield/ Green Emerald/ Staff/ Green Pixie Dust/ Pegasuse Wing/ Town
Green Bracelet: Emerald Fire Shield/ Green Emerald/ War Hammer/ Green Pixie Dust/ Hydra Flanks/ Town
Green Trunk: Green Scale Neckband/ Green Emerald/ Throwing Daggers/ Green Pixie Dust/ Pegasuse Wing/ Town
Black Trunk: Red Ruby Gauntlets/ Black Pearl/ Knife/ Gold Pixie Dust/ Dwarven Meat/ Both
Red Trunk: Red Ruby Studded Shield/ Red Ruby/ Sword of Darkness/ Red Pixie Dust/ Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Both
Jewelry Box: Pearl Necklace/ Azure Diamond/ Emerald Orb/ Gold Pixie Dust/ Sparkling Silver/ Draconian
Maji Ward: Leather Helm/ Red Ruby/ Knife/ Red Pixie Dust/ Bear Steak/ Both
Iron Rations: Red Ruby Slippers/ Green Emerald/ Gleaming Short Sword/ White Pixie Dust/ Sparkling Silver/ Both
Bronze Vambrace: Shimmering Cloak/ Green Emerald/ Emerald Orb/ White Pixie Dust/ Magic Water/ Town

Guild Quest Forges
(Only forgeable when all Guild Forge-Quests are done)
Guild Forge Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food Forge
Fighter Piercing Bracelet Red Ruby Gauntlets Red Ruby Blackened Staff White Pixie Dust Raw Imp Town
Mana User Wizard Bracelet Pearl Polished Shield Black Obsidian Sculped Dirk Green Pixie Dust Red Wine Town
Thief Master Bracelet Pearl Leggings Green Emerald Shining Claw Aqua Pixie Dust Pegasus Wing Town