General Information:

  • The Gold Deposit amount will never change, but the additional amount for each day can be lowered by boosting Charisma.
  • You will get your Deposit back when you return the item on time.
  • The Maximum amount of days you can rent any item is 3 days.
  • When you only have a few hours left before you must return your rental, a notification at the top of the screen will mention that.
  • When you return an item, you must wait 3 days before you can rent it again.
  • If you don't return an item when your time is up, either because you died, sold the item, or forgot to bring it back, the item will be taken from you and given back to the Shop. You won't be able to rent anything for 7 days.
  • WARNING! If you do not return a rented item within 10 days, because of inactivity and not logging in the game, the item will automatically be reposessed; you'll be banned from the rental shop, and you will never be able to rent something again.

  • Item Stats Special Ability Gold Deposit
    Helm of Seeing (HoS) 15 Defense, +200 Strength When equipped, it gives you 5% chance to inflict critical hits on your opponent. Critical Hits are double damage of the normal amounts. 2169744
    Blazing Shield 18 Defense When equipped, it lets your opponents miss for about 25% of the time. This amount will gradually decrease depending on how long you have it. Combined with the spell bedazzle, the miss rate adds up to about 73.5% of the time. 91120
    Enchanted Knapsack --- When rented, this add-on will allow you to hold 25% more items. Useful for races that have trouble with weights. 2762500
    Polished Monocle Worn as Helm When equipped, the Polished Monocle increases your accuracy slightly, the way like one accuracy speciality guild quest would do. 792965
    Three Moons Pendant Amulet WARNING: When equipping this item, all your scrolls will do 30% less damage.This nifty accessory will increase your luck when it comes down to Mythril Armor hunting. It'll increase the chances you'll find a piece of Mythril from Odin that'll fit your race and gender. A must-have for higher ups. 6688650
    Shining Scale Amulet; +150 Str, +150 Int WARNING: Bring it back before the date expires. You might drown.When equipped, the Shining Scale lets you swim in the Ocean. It also adds stats, which the normal Mermaid Scale doesn't do. 3676250
    Golden Gauntlets 21 Defense, When equipped, it gives your more gold after each battle. (25% or so?) 792216
    Winged Sandals 24 Defense, +200 Dexterity When equipped, it will allow you to walk in the clouds without a pegasus wing. 1487058
    Dragonsbane 4850 Average Damage, 20% Misses If you wield the Dragonsbane while fighting a Dragon, it will do 50% extra damage, adding up to a total 7275 Average Damage. 351900
    Draining Ring +40 Dex When equipped, the Draining Ring will drain 2-4% of the creature's life, before the fight starts, and heals you for up to 10% of your maximum life. 24869567
    Ring of Luck --- When equipped, the Ring of Luck will increase the drop rates from creatures. 2762500
    Divining Rod Weak Weapon When equipped, you will have a better chance of finding Hidden Treasures in the Desert. 1404602
    Lighted Helm Weak Helm When equipped, you will have a better chance of mining items in the Dwarven Mine Shafts. 637500
    Ward of Charybdis Amulet When equipped, you will be able to swim, and avoid any whirlpools(provided you didn't escape from any previous ones). ------
    Mask of Watery Illusion Weak Helm When worn, it allows you see the true directions of Atlantis. All other directions are hidden from the screen. -------