Information about finding Hidden Treasures in the Vast Desert
(No Compass allowed for finding these treasures)
2-Way Treasure3-Way Treasure4-Way Treasure5-Way Treasure
Vial Of Blood (x5)Timtam Cookie (x4)Creme Brulee (x3)Ambrosia (x2)
Rubber DuckieAttack RabbitStaff of the Desert WindDesert Knife
Lightening RingRuby RingEngagement RingNightmist Ring
Black AmuletCrystal Clear AmuletAnkhEye Of Ra
Green Armor SetShimmering CloakPearl Armor SetMithril Helm

Explanation how to hunt Hidden Treasures effectively
Finding treasures in the desert; It's become very popular lately, and there are many secrets to finding good treasures.
There is now a skill available that will help you increase your chances of finding a Hidden Treasure. It is trained at the Travelling Merchant in the Desert, and it is believed that the higher you train it, the higher your chances will be for finding treasure. However, if you train it high, then it will not add much chances then it would in the beginning. I'd say Level 250 is fine if you can afford it. For starters, Level 50 or 100 would be better.
To start off, if you have a compass, discard it. You can discard it in your Inventory, which is just North from the Fountain in Town. You can always get a new Compass from the center of the Maze if you want to enter the Pyramid later on.
Why discard the compass, you ask? Well, it's not that difficult to explain, so let me try. You can only find a Hidden Treasure in the Desert when you are standing on a spot with all the walking directions being the same. So let's say you are walking around then you suddenly end up on a spot with 3x Northeast. You will notice a Hidden Treasure. Click on it, and you can get any of the treasure that is listed in the table above, under the 3-Way treasure row. If you have a Compass however, the directions will never be all the same, since the Compass shows the true directions of the Desert. Thus, you need to discard it.
Common knowledge is now that the 2-way treasures are very easy, 3-ways are harder and uncommon, 4-ways are hard to find, and 5-ways are crazy. How come? This too is not that difficult to explain. I'll take a 2-way as an example. In the Vast Desert there are 8 possible directions (being N/S/W/E and NE/NW/SW/SE). If you have two directions to go to, you can make 64 possible combinations out of those directions. It's easy math; 8x8 = 64. Out of those 64 combinations, only 8 will give you a Hidden Treasure (North/North, Southwest/Southwest, etc). This means that on every 2-Way, you have 1/8 chance of finding a Hidden treasure. This is pretty decent, and this is why you will find Hidden Treasures here very often. On a 3-Way, you only have 1/64 chance of finding a Treasure. That's because there are more possible combinations to make. For 4-ways it's only 1/512, and for 5-Ways it's very hard to determine because they don't even always show. Should they always show, the chance would be only 1/4096 which is very small.
Lucky for us that there is the Treasure Hunting skill. Train it and all these chances will go up for you. I'm not sure by how much, but it seems like quite alot, so it's definately worth it. Something particulary noteworthy is that you can also find 2-Way treasure on a 4-Way, when you get a certain combination of directions. You can also find 3-Way treasure on 4-Ways. Of course, for the real good treasure, you must still get all directions the same on a 4-Way or 5-Way. The treasures listed in the table are based on all directions being the same, hence the name of the Way.
Finding Treasure: You can just walk around in the Desert and wait to find a treasure, however you won't know on what Way you will find it, and it can often take a long time. A better method is to use Consider on a creature that appears on the Way you want to find a certain treasure on. Then you will have a much better chance of finding what you want. Just click Consider and see if a Hidden Treasure pops up. If not click it over and over. For 5-Ways you will notice it's sometimes a 4-Way and sometimes a 5-Way. This is then because it's a spot near an Oasis, and sometimes the direction shows, sometimes it won't. There is also the Pyramid Base 5-Way. It's difficult to find (you will need to team up) and it is quite possible you can find very good treasure there.
Do I need to say anything more? Hmm, I don't think so. To answer one last question, no, you cannot find Hidden Treasures on 1-Ways (in oasis'). If you read all the above, you should know why. =)