So um, what's up?
November 24, 2002. Shilla is closed and currently being remade. It will re-open on 1 December. And so it did, starting a completely new, and different shilla than the previous one. So what DID change? Of course, some things are incredibly obvious, but some aren't, but very noteworthy. Here is a list of what actually changed in the week of the BIG reset, 24 November-1 December 2002.

-The Town Map has been changed around, now centered around the fountain.
-No more starting out Green Ring and Foods.
-The Crabs on the beach are considerably weaker than before, obviously.
-The Food that they drop has also been altered. Rather obvious.
-Trying to get out of Town, we all stumble on area restrictions, Intelligence is needed to move to other area.
-Wisdom is needed to recieve and complete (certain) quests.
-Buying and selling have altered formula's. It's simply Base/CHR now.
-New Food and weapons were added.
-A story, and a mayor were evolved from earlier versions. They tell you what to do.
-Some races like Minotaur, Fairy and Giant are extinct now, but other races like Kobold and Wraith have been added.
-A noteworthy change, Gems don't sell for a whole lot anymore. Making money has a purpose this time around.
-Ranks are different on the Wall of Flame, as you could've expected.
-Not all areas were open at first. When Shilla re-opened, the areas were only completed up to the Dark Forest. Really. Then LATER, they started working on, and opening other areas.
-The Wall of Flame has a kill ranking system. Based on how many of your top kills you have.
-You have a Quest Log, but this is basically where you come to see your kills on your kill log. This is a very important change, as the admins also monitor cheaters with it.
-Something very noteworthy, and something I noticed not so long ago is the dropping and altering of the Race Multipliers. All Multipliers were lowered exactly by ONE, that means that all stats are cheaper than before the reset (as a total of course!). But then again, the monsters had to be toughened up in the later areas, which is easily to see. This keeps a sort of balance, or at least I think it was supposed to keep that. So in short: Lower Training Costs, Stronger Monsters.

That's all I can currently think of the changes that were made in THAT week of the "big" reset. Of course, more has changed lately, huh? Or hasn't it? Here is a list of changes in the next, actually quite short, reset.

-The Blue Amulet Quest was added.
-An Anti-Cheater Device was placed, the so called Ray Gun. Always has been causing troubles ever since.
-Spells suddenly started to count towards Wall Score.
-More areas had to be released. Mountain was released the first week, but was glitchy at first. The DDF followed, after some people had Ogre kills already in the 30k a piece..A bit too late, yes indeed. This was it, or at least, that's what people used to think back then. The DDF was the ultimate hell. Crap Experience, and kills were bordering 50k monsters or so a piece. Then the Maze came out. After 2 whole months of inactivity, something opened up. Hope arised. The center of the Maze was stronger than the DDF, and the Nympf was set up just as Salena, but in dead ends only. Now common knowledge, originally found by Demosthenes, Envy, and me. Then it was another month of waiting for new areas. Some things DID change, like area descriptions. Then the Dungeons opened up.
-The same Dungeons that were already open at the day that Shilla re-opened? Yes, but this time they weren't glitched. The Canals were closed off early too, as was the Druid Keep. Those areas didn't re-open soon at all..So Dungeons opened, with a new quest, the Death Reaper. This was the "best" place to train for a long while again, and it didn't seem like anything would happen soon.
-Bars were added for life, mana and fatique. Thank you Radagast.
-Higher Chat Rooms got backgrouds, like the one on this page. Thanks Rad.
-Then suddenly, BLAM. Another reset. For what? It was an accident, is what we hear. I'll bet. I hope learning from your mistakes is a human's quality..

After this new reset, players quit. But some went on, to try it just again..for old time sakes.

-The reset took place on March 13th, but Shilla re-opened on 17 March.
-There were absolutely NO changes, other than a new attack system with 3 buttons, that prevented Macro Cheaters. The Dungeons were still the best place to train, and the Canals were still a place where only three have been since November, probably. Untill..
-The Druid Keep Opened. Great Exp, Good Quest reward, this was a decent area for the time being.
-Areas kept opening up. The Sky Castle was opened just 2 weeks after the Druid Keep.
-Another two weeks later the Elven Village opened. New weapons, armor with additions, and amulets were inside. This was never seen before, and a race restriction was placed on it.
-Now it was another little wait. But finally, the Great Plains opened up. Not much different, other than some food drops.
-Approximately two weeks later, the Dwarven Stronghold was opened. Another Race Restriction, and Mine Shafts, where you could mine for things.
-After yet again waiting, 2 weeks later, the Volcano opened up. Or wait, what did I say? The Crater of the Volcano anyways. The top 3 levels. Of course, they probably wanted to wait with releasing forges.
-No new areas were opened after this one. A small change, a Wall of Spells, was added. Spells didn't count to Wall Score anymore.
-Food Can be bought in Quantities, also a new forge was announced, and the forger's hint was fixed, which had been broken ever since the "big" reset.

That's what's been going on. I hope this has been of any use to you. I hope to add dates to the changes, but you know, my memory isn't THAT good sometimes. I might've missed some things too, so if you notice anything not here, I'd apreciate it if you mail it to me. One last thing, this 'story' of updates won't get updated any further, because this is just what happened before shillatime started to come with news regulary. So it doesn't stop here, and you can read on about more updates in the news section or the logged news.