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15-Oct-2008: Shilla's demise..long live Shillatime!
I never expected Shillatime to be around after Shilla died.. But that time has come.

Yes, Shilla is officially dead now. This will be the very last message devoted to Shilla.

I think I should mention the fact that it's probably a good thing it died, because if there was one person who had an ego, it would have to be Lumberjak/Melkor who was singlehandedly running the show and coding things that no one would ever see. Also, Lumberjak/Melkor essentially did the same things I did, except he was the admin of Shilla, and I was the admin of Shillatime. Besides, Hestas can go back to playing Sims 2 indefinitely now, and make up Sims 2 stories that no one will ever care about but himself. :)

There are many names to be mentioned, Frostbite, Isaac, Sotrin, TwoD, Kalfir, and many more... you guys were all great and I wish you the very best in life.

I think Shilla has also learnt many of us real life lessons, which means it has been far from a useless experience. There is always more than one way to view what ever has happened in the past. I also wish Bp the best with his life.

This chapter is now officially closed. It's been incredibly fun for as long as it lasted.

P.S. For those who want to relive old memories, feel free to browse this site and perhaps play The Warlock Game. Or maybe not.

P.P.S. Some history facts: Shilla as we know it was created by Blackhawk in June 1997. Tim bought Shilla from Blackhawk, after which Hestas eventually took over. Hestas was no one other than Bluehawk (Yes, he was his own best man on his shilla-wedding), an other admin at that time. Thinkso was also an admin appointed under Hestas. During the BIG reset (end 2002), a shilla player called Ashaint was promoted to admin as Radagast. A little later, due to admin inactivity, Lumberjak was promoted as the admin Melkor. Recently, Nappavas was also granted an admin account (VooDoo). Shilla also had many testers. To name a few, Bonzo, Adira, Lumberjak, Mikey64. There also used to be a tester forum which was supposed to be a secret - but everyone behind the scenes knew about it. Testers often could go into areas that weren't available yet to other players. Testers were also given information regarding mechanics of Shilla, most of which was thankfully used in this helpsite to help other people (Most games give this crucial information out themselves, so players can play the game appropriately).

P.P.P.S. If you feel like adding something, don't hesitate to send an email.


28-Sep-2008: Sotrin says Hi
Sotrin's Old Site has been relinked to the geocities page for verrry old reference and nostalgia. I intend to continue funding for shillatime as long as people find it useful.

Thanks to Alpha and others who carry the effort to help gamers in their quest.


28-Jun-2007: ;)


15-Apr-2007: The end of the end
The Evil Warlock is out. His Tower can be found in the Maze. You MUST be Spirit Align to be able to find it. Traverse the Maze by going to the dead ends, looking for a portal similar to the shrine portals. Have patience, this may take a while to find. Inside the Warlock's Tower, several puzzles must be solved, 4 to be exact, if I'm not mistaken. There are more than 4 different puzzles to be encountered, though. We will not provide the exact solutions here, but we may make a page with some hints, at a later time.
The Warlock himself is a real badass, and a worthy final boss of Shilla. You will face him four times, and he will restore himself. Of course, everyone wants to know his max hit. Technically, it's 50k. Practically, with 46k+ and full Mythril and a good Magic Shield, you should be just fine. Beware of his ambush, once. I suggest you use the best food (Ancient Spirit Herbs or Yellow Snow Cones) to ensure quick healing. Lag means death. His life ranges from 160 mil to 325 mil.

This, being the ending of Shilla, we'll see what happens from here. We'll just see. Melkor's words: "No, I don't have any plans for an update. My plans are mainly focused on doing nothing for a bit, then either working on something else or playing something else."

For me, this is also the end of the road, in two ways. Voluntary, and forced. I've had a great time, and I'm glad I finished the game at the right time. I'm also glad to have helped many people. Thank you for all your feedback and support you have given me, everyone. Shillatime will remain online for several years at least. Sponsoring will come from me and someone else.

Best of luck in Shilla, enjoy it, Alpha

09-Apr-2007: Phylactery Fun
Limbo Keeper now drops Phylactery amulets. The Limbo Keeper has around 30 mil life, but doesn't hit for very much at all. His attacks, armor, and other variables are random though. Info on them are on the Amulet page, and their prices are on the Price Calculator. Also updated the WS tables, and now you can untrain multiple spell levels at the trainer in Shilla.

08-Apr-2007: Updated Price Calculator
Updated the Price Calculator with all the current items, and prices. Should be accurate, but could be off a place value or two. Let me know if any are off. May update it again with the help of TwoD who can code in an item selling calculator, and what happens to prices if you fail the Kobold quest.

Happy Easter,

01-Apr-2007: Spring Cleaning
First off, archived the current wall. Its found here.
Second, updated the Quest Page. I hope this saves people headaches. Also the WS for VA quests is around ~5300.
Third, found most of the new WS restrictions on armor, and the new items. Is vague in some spots, so its a forum post for a day or 2. Once I get them down exactly, I'll update them in with the next set of editing I do. The post is here.

26-Mar-2007: New Item Info
There were a few new items introduced into Shilla. Here is the rundown on all of them.
Shining Pendant: Amulet, Bought at Halfing Shire.
  • Gives +100 Str, Wis, and Int. Also glows in dark places.
    Bronze Vambrace: Forge, Bracelet. Combo on other forges page.
  • Gives +40 Str, +50 Wis, +60 Int, +50 Chr.
    Ring of the White Mage: Dropped by Penguin.
  • Gives +250 Wis, +100 Int, +150 Chr.
    Ring of the Black Mage: Also dropped by Penguin.
  • Gives +100 Wis, +250 Int, +150 Chr.
    Ring of Neutrality: Dropped by King Valhostro in Atlantis.
  • Gives +350 Wis, +350 Int.
    No Rings can be combined, only can equip 2 White, 2 Black, or 2 Neutral. Can't do 1 Black & White or 1 Neutral with a Black/White.
    Ward of Charybdis: Rental item. Amulet.
  • Prevents encounters with Whirlpools.
    Mask of Watery Illusion: Rental item. Helm.
  • Shows only true directions to Atlantis. Doesn't show any fakes.
    Both rentals are meant for ideal training in Ocean/Atlantis.

    Made the picture map smaller and more accessible to people. Moving the cursor over an area now allows you to click on the picture, and see the area info for the area.

  • 08-Feb-2007: Shilla Picture Map
    Thanks to the help of Nappavas, and his awesome drawing skills, we have a detailed picture map of Shilla. Eventually, we hope to add some links to each area page and other detailed infomation. But until then, here is the Shilla Map.
    (Note: This may take a while to load. Its very huge and detailed.)

    29-Jan-2007: Weapon Drops and Etc...
    As of tonight, weapon drops were added back into Shilla. The locations of these items are on the weapons page. The drop rates are really low, like 1-2% probably. They are meant to help others(and yourself) easier.

    Also, the Slimes and Golems have newer drop rates, that are mainly around 50%.
    Finally, Odin's scroll resistance is down 5% to 50%.

    15-Jan-2007: Updated Scroll Calc + Feedback form
    With the help of Twod, I added an up to date Scroll Calc to shillatime.

    We also have a feedback form now, which you can access from the link in the purple field above the shillatime news, yet below the buttons.


    08-Jan-2007: Weapon and Spirit Guardian Updates
    Most of the weapons now have correct stat requirements to achieve one fat per attack. They are listed on the weapon page. There are some missing still(mainly the elemental, and mana weapons), that will get filled in over time.

    Also, the Spirit Guardians stats have been updated. The scroll resistance was increased from 80% to 95%. I have changed the calculator on the special creature page to show the changes. Also, Spirit Align is considered strong to all aligns, instead of just being neutral. And finally, any Spirit align can forge any elemental weapon.

    [Old News Archived Click Here]

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