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18 September, 2006
Hello my fellow clanmates! It's been a while since any notifications, so here's one. Since you can now have a personal page in Shilla that you can edit, I thought it would be nice if all members of WASP put their membership in there. It takes less than a minute to do it probably. You could also put the WASP logo in there with the help of a little html. If you can't figure it out, ask away in the forum, and we'll help you out.

17 March, 2006
Welcome to the WASP site! To get to the Forum, click the logo picture above. This is the latest clan news.
The WASP board went down a few days ago, which was for maintainance. We also have new ranks, and Yellowjackets or above have access to the clan mule Wasp. The progress of the mule goes well. It has made the red Warlord rank. Please note that your rank is based on your activity, so the more you post on the forum (or shilla), the better your rank will get.

8 January, 2006
Here it is. The new site of WASP. The old forum is still around (click the pic), so fear not as it'll be just as active as it was. More sections will probably be added later, but at least this is a fresh start. A better member list is available now. Depending on how long and how active you have been in WASP and in Shilla, you are assigned a rank. This rank reflects your current status in WASP. The higher ranks will require alot more effort than the lower ones, but if you've made a status in Shilla already, it is possible to get a higher initial status when you join.
WASP is well known for being a clan with "Big-shots" in it, but I think we're going to change that from now on, and focus on the more lower members, as they need more help than we do. Actually, what help do we need? Lol.. So we decided to have several stockpiles with items such as Engagement Rings, Eye of Ra's, Mythril, but also all Village Armor, all weapons, and so on. But it doesn't end there. WASP also introduces personal coaching, where a veteran is hooked up with a newbie, to be their mentor.
There's also a place to roleplay, to talk about personal life, or specific Shilla subjects. It's all possible. Wether you come for the game or for the Clan, this is the place where you'll find what you need.
There, so much for an introduction ;)