Friday 13th, 2004
Wedding of Hestas & Adira
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:00Walks in and waves to the crowd.....Good Evening all@
Jots 2/13/2004 22:00well gizmo ya got to come back....its starting soon.....andyour leas might trip someon
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:00Heyas Thinkso :
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:00everyone in the wedding has color outta they dont really :
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:00Hey Thinks
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:00Man... does this color suck or what
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:00hmm, r u a usher or something Dm
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:00what ya goin to need hawk?..fI ya have to go I will sendafter weddin
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:00Green is cool..
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:00opps "if
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:00Hey K, Dar
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:00my aim has changed lol darkmoondu what it i
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:00both, but I think I
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:01yea boring colo
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:01nothing than
Jots 2/13/2004 casual...spice it up a bit then..
Bp 2/13/2004 22:01hiya Thinkso, and I kinda like your colo
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:01bride to the left and groom to the righ
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:01*look around* and asks where is Hestas and adir
Isaac 2/13/2004 22:01I remember when I was that color, thinkso...can't wait toget it back agai
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:01Noone complain about their color its better than grey
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:02*walsk in wearing his Black Tux with Cobalt Blue Trim
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:02*Sotrin sits in the aisle
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:02you know wedding never start on time lo
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:02Ohh, nic
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:02Hey Hestas =)
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:02haha you know what green is on the mood ring??
Jots 2/13/2004 22:02nice siut man!!
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:02ooooo
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:03Nice color Hesta
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:03hey Hestas Hesta
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:03so i take it pions are dark grey..
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:03owie get off sotrin..
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:03*Nighthawk shakes Hestas hand
Bp 2/13/2004 22:03woah Hestas....nice =
Bluehawk 2/13/2004 22:03ok - I'm back - we can begin now :
Jots 2/13/2004 22:03jots wants to lick Hestas color is awsome.. ..wheresmelkor??
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:04If I stop chatting then i had to get of
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:04Hestas...lookin sharp
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:04looks at Hestas lol you know your place ..points to thealte
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:04Looks around....h mmmmm...... cloths would be nice, Ithought this was supposed to be.. nevermind.. waves hand and
Thinkso is now clothed...LO
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:04Did I miss anything
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:04*hestas Walks up to the Alter to take his place
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:04who is the minister
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:04Hey Bluehawk.... =)
Bp 2/13/2004 22:05Thinkso is, I believ
Jhadakhan 2/13/2004 22:05went a little wild with the ruffles didnt we Hestas
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:05nice Hesta
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:05Thanks to all for comming. We're just waiting for the maidof honor to sho
Jots 2/13/2004 22:05whooooo *whisles* alright looking sharp...
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:05hmm... so there is another haw
Bluehawk 2/13/2004 22:07Greetings Alphablas
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:07*Bartender chugs a beer
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:07Take your chance to catch the bouque, Night hawkl ;P
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:07*tries not to look nervous
Bluehawk 2/13/2004 22:07Nighthawk - yes, yes there is - or rather was :
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:07lma
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:08nighthawk is a gu
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:08bride to the right and groom to the lef
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:08*Sotrin leaves his seat in the aisle to go find the bride
Jots 2/13/2004 22:08hey gizmo can calm you down...
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:08gives Hestas a Mentos cand
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:08is bluehawk a guy or gal
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:09Waves his hand and the mighty book of Shilla appears in hishand.....
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:09lol... it'll be fine Hestas :
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:09*Sotrin notices his shiney new grey pinstripe appear onderhis shimmering cloak
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:09Lokks at NIght... Blue is a guy...LMA
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:09looks around for the wifey......:
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:09hey Bartender you have Scottc
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:09do dwarfs get specal seats cause i need one i cant seeeveryone is so big lo
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:10oh well no baby hawks ;
Bluehawk 2/13/2004 22:10Nighthawk - There's kinda a theme with the colors - red -maids/ gold best man, groomsmen..... figure it out :
Nameci 2/13/2004 22:10*Nameci lites a left handed cigerette and hands it toHestas "this will calm you down man"
Clearbrook 2/13/2004 22:10<-- sneeks in w/ lokie
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:1022:00... yeah righ
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:11*Sotrin wonders if Cherry is around, knowing he hasn't beenhere in some time
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:11Hey CB
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:11'hands Cloud a booster seat
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:11why yes.....pours Jaxom a scotch in vinalla cok
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:11<~~~hands cloud a booster sea
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:11Bluehawk lol can tell you was admin lo
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:11Cb!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:11well I didn't read the Shilla wedding rules, this is thefirst one ive been t
Jots 2/13/2004 22:11hows about an absolute vadkaa for me and water for gizm
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:12It's ClearBrook!!!
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:12Bride to the right or was it left lo
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:12So... lamost beginning yet?
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:12Is Ajoe here
Clearbrook 2/13/2004 22:12happy hiyas :-
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:12wow clearbrook
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:12good pal in the Shilla's past..
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:12Almost, even
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:13thak you for boster seat :) Always_neve
Jhadakhan 2/13/2004 22:13Screw the smokes, Try this! *pulls a mason jar of a veryclear liquid from his coat and hands it to the groom
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:13this is my first wedding her
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:13she's not signed on to aim ye
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:13Give me the jar..... I'm the one gona need it...LO
Clearbrook 2/13/2004 22:14nopers it's not me lo
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:14Has Hestas called her, or ya want me to
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:14DM.... your aim on
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:14since we have time lol Thinkso have you bee
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:15she was just in the pheasants chat plac
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:15Oh, I'm here
Jhadakhan 2/13/2004 22:15dont worry thinkso I have some gallon milk jugs of the samein the ca
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:15aim has changed to darkmoonducki
Nameci 2/13/2004 22:15what are we waiting for lets start this or im gonna bleedta deat
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:15*Waves wand, Ajoe you are a bridesman
Clearbrook 2/13/2004 22:15woulda been here sooner but had to help lokies move hisstuff, we just got done...wouldn't miss adiras wedding fer the
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:16MAID MAID> Dang this wan
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:16i need some coffe to stay up coffe coffie coffie
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:16time to get a new one lo
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:16Did you run outta girls
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:16DM.. I'll get with you later... it isn't workin
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:16even though you missed min
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:17i see how it is c
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:17thinkso you would have to add m
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:17*Sotrin moves to the front to the left of the altar andstands waiting for the proceedings to begin
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:17i gotta get going soo
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:17just keep the booze coming well we wai
Clearbrook 2/13/2004 22:17Karli I didn't know you got married :-
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:17have a party that i don't really wanna go to but haft
Nameci 2/13/2004 22:18*Nameci pulls his butterfly knife out and resumes slicing"loser" in his arm
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:18sorry but i forgot my password and had to change it withthe new pute
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:18I'll take some of that shine pleas
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:18Bonzo will be here in 10 minutes. but let's go anways
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:18Attention everyone
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:19Attention everyone
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:19o.
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:19This Room Has Been Swept Clea
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:19looks around please take your sit
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:19Ah..... thats more like i
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:19*continues to sit
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:19lol@ namec
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:19too late went to sleep with a gallon of coffe in hands awwwseewww
Teppomoose 2/13/2004 22:19*A shadow emerges in all black... for he cannot wearanything else... due to the horror that is tomorrow... yes... the
Moose is here...
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:19*Sotrin waves to Dm looking to confirm he is on the Bride'sside of the altar
Spider_kid 2/13/2004 22:20hi al
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:20lo
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:20takes a sea
Nameci 2/13/2004 22:20hey a_pitbull byte m
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:20Teppo!!
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:20The groom wishes me to thank everyone for coming tonight
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:20not lol i'm in the back sitting ppl lo
Adira 2/13/2004 22:20*stands in the back
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:20*stands at the alter with his Best Man and Groomsman
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:20Lag..
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:20Spider_kid are you kk if your not where is h
Bp 2/13/2004 some respect her
Radagast 2/13/2004 22:21o_o
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:21Ohh, Adira is lookig n-i-c-
Teppomoose 2/13/2004 22:21Yes, A_N... I didn't expect to be here either...
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:21The great Book of SHilla magically opens .......
Clearbrook 2/13/2004 22:21hugs adir
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:21oooooooooo
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:21Holds Adira's trai
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:21*wakes up her ray
Dark_worlock 2/13/2004 22:21no,hes at a friends hous
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:21Could we please have so quiet here.....
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:21*Sotrin looks to see Adira at the back of the Chapel
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:22Lol!
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:22Shhhh!
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:22*reminds everyone we have 4 admins in here who can escortpeople out
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:22quietly ask Rad broom or groo
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:22We are gathered here for a joining of powers..
Dark_worlock 2/13/2004 22:23*im
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:24First, I shall ask .... if someone wishes this union to notgo forth... feel free to say something and get muted for
life. Any takers.?,,,
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:24*giggles softly
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:25*music plays softly in the background
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:25*chuckles
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:26Waves hand and the wedding march starts to play...please.... everyone rise..
Kalfir 2/13/2004 22:27*stands up
Radagast 2/13/2004 22:27*stands up grinning
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:27Enter the bride.. so lovely....
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:27*Arises*
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:27*rises
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:27stands u
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:27*Sotrin stands opposite the groom's party awaiting Adira'sarrival
Isaac 2/13/2004 22:27-stnads
Booomhower 2/13/2004 22:27*stands up
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:27stands up from his bar stoo
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:28Taking note of the small beads of sweat on Hestas, Thinksohands him a hank
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:28stand
Adira 2/13/2004 22:28*walks slowly up the aisle
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:28*Ajoe straitens the brides veil
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:28on all four
Teppomoose 2/13/2004 22:28*The man in black rises... the shadow elongates
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:28Seeing the bride has now reached the alter, Thinksoasks.... Who gives this beautiful woman away
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:29*smiles warmly to see his bride aproaching.
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:29Poor Jk.. lo
Nameci 2/13/2004 22:29*gets up and leaves* ive got a funeral to go to
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:29Thinkso looks at the crowd.....(I have the power.remember
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:29no bar stools in the wedding chapel put in back in the pu
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:30steps forward to take Adira's hand, and says "I do
Dark_worlock 2/13/2004 22:30*rises
Isaac 2/13/2004 22:30-snickers at Alpha
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:30*still* laugh very quie
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:30*Sotrin Delivers Adira before Hestas and steps to the side
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:30*Ajoe takes Adira's flowers *he hands them to her
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:31*takes Adira's Hand form Sotrin
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:31Hestas... take Adiras hand in your
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:31i sorry darkm
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:32*takes Adir'as Hand, looks lovelingly in her eyes
Always_never 2/13/2004 22:32gotta go sorry... congrate
Adira 2/13/2004 22:32*steps up next to Hestas
Isaac 2/13/2004 22:32-remembers that he's naked from recently dying and notgetting armor yet..covers self properls with hands
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:32Looks at the happy couple. and thinks that there has neverbeen a more lovely couple married in Shill
Adira 2/13/2004 22:33*whispers thanks Always
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:33*makes mental note to give Thinkso a raise
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:33om
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:33Ohh.. such a beautiful moment... oops.. Shh
Radagast 2/13/2004 22:33*stifles a cough
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:33Hey...looks at Thinks
Teppomoose 2/13/2004 22:34*The Shadow sees Isaac's condition and casts a quickclothing spell... as to make sure everything goes well here
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:34whispers to Dm... it's ok, they just aren't MORE lovely..
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:34*tears well up in his eyes
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:34Shillains, you now are witnessing a great feat in Shilla,the joining of the mighty Admins power with the grace and joy
of the Lady Adir
Neopride 2/13/2004 22:35*did i make it in time
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:35tears welling u
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:35The mighty book says to be joined, both of you turn towardeach othe
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:35*eyes are beggining to water up
Bonzo 2/13/2004 22:36awwwww *slips in the back*
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:36*turns toward Adira
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:36*Ajoe says... always the bridesmaid, never the bride!
Adira 2/13/2004 22:36*turns to face Hestas
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:36Hestas... do you, in your heart of hearts, love Lady Adirawith all you heart
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:37I do. :
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:37*eyes gets all waterly and hides face
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:37tyrs to wave to Bonzo without anyone noticin
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:37*Ajoe moves to the back and lets Bonzo take her place
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:37Ohh.. ^_
Clearbrook 2/13/2004 22:38hugs bonz
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:38Lady Adira, do you, in your heart of hearts, love Hestas,the Great Admin with all your heart
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:38this is so beautifu
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:38takes wifey up to the front of the chape
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:39~Bonzo
Adira 2/13/2004 22:39I d
Dark_worlock 2/13/2004 22:39blurts out a cry *waaaaaaaa
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:39*wipes face off with beard
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:39Stearnly looks at the crowd
Bonzo 2/13/2004 22:39*waves to Night......hugs Clear* .......... *g* at least Ismell like roses :) *steps up*
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:39*not hiding any more * waa wa
Bonzo 2/13/2004 22:40*smiles @ her hubby* brings back memories :)
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:40Inother worlds, many vowes are given. In the great book ofShilla, just this one vow is needed.
Dark_worlock 2/13/2004 22:41ruldolf nose soake
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:41Do we have rings
Bluehawk 2/13/2004 22:42*Hands rings to Hestas
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:42crying openll
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:43goes and buy me a extra quilted hanki
Bonzo 2/13/2004 22:44*Bonzo hands over the rings
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 22:45*Nighthawk lays his head on nearest shoulder
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:45Takes the rings..... holds them in his hand... waves hismagic staff over them..... and closes his eyes......
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:46His precious... Sh
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:47Hestas Lady Adira.... I have just laid a verypowerful spell apon these rings... these rings will hold you
together.. through the hard time, through the great time.....
together, there bond, will be a lasting love...
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:48*smiles into Adira's Eyes
Isaac 2/13/2004 22:48-snickers @ Alpha quietly again
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:48Each and every time you look at each other, the love youshare will make the rings more powerful. together you shall
defeat all evil in Shilla
Adira 2/13/2004 22:48*holds Hestas' hands tight
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:49Hands Hestas Lady Adia's rings...
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:49*takes the ring
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:49*Sotrin 's eyes begin to water, then he realizes it's fromworking too much and screen blur... lol
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:50Hestas... place the rings on Lady Adiras finger and repeatafter m
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:50*Ajoe smiles at Isaac with playful grin
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:50Lol sotrin..
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:50*sneezes* oopp
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:50*places the ring on Adira's finger
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:51I wish I was getting marrie
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:51kodac moment
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:51Lady Adira.. I will love you will all my might and my powershall be yours and yours mine
Isaac 2/13/2004 22:51-smiles back at Ajoe, holds off the wave to keep decentduring the ceremony
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:52Lady Adira.. I will love you will all my might and my powershall be yours and yours mine
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:52I love wedding
Teppomoose 2/13/2004 22:52*The Shadow wonders if Isaac sees he has clothes on now...go ahead and wave
Anubis 2/13/2004 22:52*Anubis is glad he made it *streaks to his seat*
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:52Hands Hestas rings to Lady Adira and asks her to repeatafter m
Bonzo 2/13/2004 22:53*Bonzo tosses kleenex's to everyone and a bottle of visineto Sotrin
Jots 2/13/2004 22:54*faints*..
Bartender 2/13/2004 22:54follows Bonzo trail of kleenex's ....for he needsthem....sniff snif
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:55Great Admin Hestas, I will love youwith all my might and mypower shall be yours and yours min
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 22:55hankies are soakes takes some of bonzos kleenex's andvisin
Sotrin 2/13/2004 22:56puts in a few drops and switches to computer glasses....ahhh, that's bette
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:56after hearing the thud goes and picks up Jot
Adira 2/13/2004 22:56Great Admin Hestas, I will love you with all my might andyour power shall be yours and yours min
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:57goes & helps pick jots u
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 22:57lol@Dark,ops sorr
Jots 2/13/2004 22:57*gizmo scurys over to kals lap
Bonzo 2/13/2004 22:57*Bonzo ponders on how you pick up a Jot?
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:57Please, turn towards me...
Adira 2/13/2004 22:57*places ring on Hestas' finger
Ajoe 2/13/2004 22:57*Ajoe starts wimpering softly
Hestas 2/13/2004 22:58*turns to face Thinkso
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 22:58pulls out the smelling sauc
Adira 2/13/2004 22:58*faces Thinkso
Thinkso 2/13/2004 22:58Looks around Hestas at the crowd........a gain!!!!!!!!
Alphablast 2/13/2004 22:59A Gain? Lol shhh al
Jaxom 2/13/2004 22:59goes & gives Ajoe a hu
Ajoe 2/13/2004 23:00*Ajoe thanks Jaxom, forever to her rescue
Bartender 2/13/2004 23:00*Bartender pours jaxcom another scotch an van. coke
Thinkso 2/13/2004 23:01By the powers of the Land of Shilla, I Thinkso, havewitnessed this joining of rings, I now proclaim, the Great Admin
Hestas and the Lady Adira are now, husband and wife. (cue
music) Hestas, you may now, kiss your bride
Ajoe 2/13/2004 23:01cheers
Randall23 2/13/2004 23:01congrats adira and Hesta
Alphablast 2/13/2004 23:01Grats!
Hestas 2/13/2004 23:01*lifts Adira's Vale and gives her a deep kiss
Jaxom 2/13/2004 23:02Congrats you
Bartender 2/13/2004 23:02sweeeeet!!
Kalfir 2/13/2004 23:02Awww, how nice... *click click* Lucky me I brought thecamer
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 23:02*claps
Jots 2/13/2004 23:02*wakes up.....* *gizmo scurys up and gives thinkso a kissto lighten up*....yaaaa
Booomhower 2/13/2004 23:02contrats Hestas and Adir
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 23:02<~~~~ does the pitbull happy danc
Isaac 2/13/2004 23:02congratul ations!
Radagast 2/13/2004 23:02Woot
Bonzo 2/13/2004 23:02hey what ever happened til major glitch do you part
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 23:02breaks out the camer
Alphablast 2/13/2004 23:02Send me a copy of those kal =
Ajoe 2/13/2004 23:02no camera's in the year of our lord 50
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 23:03i was wondering the same thing bab
Sotrin 2/13/2004 23:03*Sotrin claps generously honoring the new couple
A_pitbull 2/13/2004 23:03now where is that moon shine
Anubis 2/13/2004 23:03*Anubis congatulates Hestas and Adira and rus off to makefinal preparations
Corolin 2/13/2004 23:03congratulations Hestas & Adir
Kalfir 2/13/2004 23:03Sure Al... Wierd, how come I have one then?
Teppomoose 2/13/2004 23:03*The Shadow holds up his arms and quickly two doves comeout of nowhere flowers showering down from their wings
covering the path the newly married couple will leave the alter on
and then one each sits on the shoulders of the two
Jots 2/13/2004 23:03*grabs gizmo
Thinkso 2/13/2004 23:03But Ajoe, you didn't see my camera.. .....LO
Sotrin 2/13/2004 23:03and the upper hand thing too... lo
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 23:03WOW long kis
Radagast 2/13/2004 23:03Congratulations both of you :
Bartender 2/13/2004 23:03shakes Randall23 hand hey there good budd
Cloudstrife 2/13/2004 23:03stills some more kleanexe
Ed 2/13/2004 23:03Congradulations to Both of you. may your union be a longand happy one
Ajoe 2/13/2004 23:04Guess it was the Shadow's magic dust Kalfi
Bonzo 2/13/2004 23:04*gives Adira and Hestas a kotc* may you be as happy as meand darkmoon have been :)
Jots 2/13/2004 23:04as my wedding gift gizmos first child will go to adria..
Thinkso 2/13/2004 23:04NO glitches tonight ppl, this was an almost glitch freezone, would have been if several ppl could have kept there yaps
shut... I have several ppl in mind for mutings later.....
Jhadakhan 2/13/2004 23:04Congradu lations
Booomhower 2/13/2004 23:04wishes he could stay but he has to go...congrats again andhopes you have a wonderfull life filled with joy, happiness
and kid
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 23:04syndi wishes the happy couple all the love and luck she hasto offe
Kalfir 2/13/2004 23:04A toast to Hestas and Adire! May they have a long and happymarriag
Isaac 2/13/2004 23:04*Isaac removes his clothes and throws them in the air totry and look niftly like the flower pettle dropping doves
Kalfir 2/13/2004 23:04Adira
Teppomoose 2/13/2004 23:05May the union of two of the best Shillans I know be forevera wonder and example to us all..
Hestas 2/13/2004 23:05%wishes to inform everyone we are not done kissing yet
Bartender 2/13/2004 23:05Rolls out the RED Carpet for the new couple..
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 23:06taps foot...come is party tim
Bonzo 2/13/2004 23:06*Bonzo tosses rose petals at the happy couple ......heyI've had all day to save em up
Alphablast 2/13/2004 23:06Take your tim
Thinkso 2/13/2004 23:06Someone get me a Coke.. Hestas might be here forawhile...LO
Hestas 2/13/2004 23:06*releases from kiss, smiles warmly at his, wife, :)
Ajoe 2/13/2004 23:06get's her bird seed ready and anticipates the throwing oftthe bouqe
Jaxom 2/13/2004 23:06shakes Hestas hand & gives Adira a hug & sayscongrat
Ajoe 2/13/2004 23:06*Ajoe get's her bird seed ready and anticipates thethrowing of tthe bouqet
Jots 2/13/2004 23:06hands gizmo to thinkso so he will calm down....
Adira 2/13/2004 23:07*takes Hestas' hand and turns to face the crowd
Nighthawk 2/13/2004 23:07*eats a little seed* Opps sorry
Mikey65 2/13/2004 23:07*Mikey65 Health and happiness untill reset doth you part
Hestas 2/13/2004 23:07I am told Anubis has prepeared some of his finiest in thereception hall. Adira and I will be joinign you there
shortly. :) The best man has his toast to perform still. :
Darkmoon 2/13/2004 23:08hands Thinkso a coke
Thinkso 2/13/2004 23:08Again. I'm proud to announce, the happy couple