Name Effect Weight in STR How To Obtain
Blue Amulet +10 Str 0.75 Dropped by Elite Guard in the Castle
Black Amulet +50 Str 2.5 Shilla Town Shop & Travelling Merchant in Desert
Amulet of Apprentice +50 Wis 2.5 Shilla Town Shop & Travelling Merchant in Desert
Elven Broach +70 Wis +70 Int 2.5 Shop in Yggdrasil
Dwarven Penchant +15 Str +20 Dex +15 Con 2.5 Shop in Dwarven Stronghold
Clear Crystal Amulet +100 Int 0.25 Shop in Yggdrasil or Hidden Treasure in Desert(4way)
Eagle Talisman +50 Str +100 Dex 2.5 Forged
Shaman Talisman +150 Dex +75 Con 2.5 Dropped by Neanderthal with Spear in the Glacier
Ankh +150 Wis +150 Int
Reduces Heat/Cold Damage by 50%
0.25 Travelling Merchant in Desert
Maji Ward +100 Wis +100 Int +100 Chr 2.5 Forged
Ice Amulet +200 Dex +200 Con 2.5 Dropped by Thor in the Glacier
Eye of Ra +300 Dex +300 Wis +300 Int
Nullifies Desert Heat and Cold
2.5 Hidden Treasure found in Desert at 5-Ways
Mermaid Scale +Ability to swim in the Ocean 0.75 Dropped by Mermaid Hunter at the Beach, and sold in the Ammy shop in Dwarven Stronghold
Shining Pendant +100 Str +100 Wis +100 Int
Ability to see in dark places.
2.5? Shop at Halfling Shire
Phylactery Amulet See bottom for info 2.5? Limbo Keeper in Limbo.

Name Effect Weight in STR How To Obtain
Glowing Ring +5 Str +Ability to see in dark places 0.75 Shilla Town Shop
Ring of Bone +25 Int 0.75 Shilla Town Shop
Lightening Ring +20 Dex +Ability to see in dark places 0.75 Shilla Town Shop & Travelling Merchant in Desert
Ruby Ring +40 Dex +Lowers Damage in Volcano by 80% 0.75 Dropped by Arch Angel in Sky Castle
and Shop in Yggdrasil
Green Ring +25 Str +40 Dex 0.75 Shop in Yggdrasil
Frozen Ring +60 Dex 0.75? Dropped by Ice Demon in the Glacier
Engagement Ring +10 Dex +500 Chr 0.75 Hidden Treasure in Desert(4-way)
Ice Ring +150 Dex +300 Con 0.75 Dropped by Balder in the Glacier
Groping Carnage Ring +300 Str +300 Con 0.75? Dropped by Phanganon in the Catacombs
Nightmist Ring +90 Wis +60 Int 0.75 Hidden Treasure in Desert(5-way)
Ring of the Black Mage +100 Wis +250 Int +150 Chr 0.75? Dropped by Penguin in Glacier
Ring of the White Mage +250 Wis +100 Int +150 Chr 0.75? Dropped by Penguin in Glacier
Ring of Neutrality +350 Wis +350 Int 0.75? Dropped by King Valhostro in Atlantis
Invisibility Ring Gives invisibility. Other players cannot see you. Also prevents Village Guards from 'Attack on Sight' (allows access to all villages). Note: It's cursed, and you lose life, mana and fatique every step (Max = 60 per step). Uncurse it in Necropolis. You can't take it off as long as it's cursed. Note: This ring lowers your Grope by 20%. 0.75 Shop in Halfling Shire

Name Effect Weight in STR How To Obtain
Fur Lined Handcuffs +1 Chr 0.75 Dropped by Convict (Hestas' & Adira's Wedding)
Green Bracelet +20 Str +20 Dex +20 Wis +20 Chr 0.75 Forged
Bear Tooth +30 Dex +30 Con +40 Wis +40 Chr 0.75 Dropped by Polarbear in the Glacier
Dwarven Bangle +40 Str +40 Dex +40 Con +40 Chr 0.75 Shop in Dwarven Stronghold
Bronze Vambrace +40 Str +50 Wis +60 Int +50 Chr 0.75? Forged
Ornate Fascia +50 Str +40 Dex +50 Con +50 Int 0.75 Dropped by Salena in the Great Plains
Glittering Annulet +60 Str +50 Dex +60 Con +73 Wis 0.75 Dropped by Dark Sorceress in Pyramid Level 4
Ice Bracelet +80 Dex +90 Con +80 Wis +90 Chr 2.5 Dropped by Loki in the Glacier
Pierced Bracelet Lowers Creature Armor by 5% 0.75? Fighter Guild Forge
Wizard Bracelet Increases Spell Power 0.75? Mage Guild Forge
Master Bracelet Invisibility, Swimming, Flying,
See in Dark, Reduced Heat in Volcano,
Reduced Sun/Cold in Desert, +200 Chr
0.75? Thief Guild Forge

Phylactery Amulets
The Limbo Keeper now drops Phylactery amulets. There are 54 total types of these that can be dropped. Here is a detailed description of how they work.
  • Each Phylactery gives a +400 stat increase.
  • Stats: Here are the names for each stat:
    Name: Mighty Delicate Sturdy Puzzling Exotic Ornate
    Stat: Strength Dexterity Constitution Wisdom Intelligence Charisma

  • Special Effects: There are different effects for each of the pieces. Here is a description below:
    None: Does nothing but give stats. Is the cheapest to buy from Traders.
    Flight: Allows you to fly in the clouds without a Pegasus Wing.
    Warmth: Blocks Desert Cold damage by 50%.
    Shielding: Blocks Desert and Volcano heat damage by 50%.
    Breath: Allows you to swim in the Ocean. Would replace a Mermaid Scale.
    Moonlight: Gives off light equal to one Lightening Ring.
    Lesser Resistance: Blocks Volcano heat, and Desert heat/cold by 50%.
    Greater Resistance: Blocks Volcano heat, and Desert heat/cold by 80%.
    Sunlight: Gives off light equal to two Lightening Rings.

  • General Conclusion: If we add all these fancy names together into an example you
    could get a Mighty Phylactery of Sunlight.
    This Phylactery gives +400 Strength, and allows someone to walk in Catacombs without additional light.
    The best Phylactery pieces would probably be Greater Resist, Moon/Sun, and Breath pieces.
    However, the order presented is the order from least expensive to most expensive, so be prepared to spend more, for better effects. There is no Current Ws restriction to receive, but the last 2(Greater/Sunlight) require 20k ws to find.