Part 1: Explanations
Part 2: Shilla Legends
Exploring Screen Explanations
(See picture below for numbers)

  1. Menu
    The Menu is, well, your Menu. Click on it, and it shows what the date is in Shilla, and how many players are approximately online.
  2. Options
    Here are quite some options available.
    1. You can change your password. You need to fill in your old one, and you'll get a new validation code sent to your registered email adress, to re-validate.
    2. You can Update your Wall Score. You need to do this when you just trained and you want to let the new stats add to your ws too, for example.
    3. You can set your attack display to long or short. For bigger players short display is a must.
    4. You can turn the Life/Mana/Fatique Guages On/Off. Just what you prefer.
    5. You can select how you want your Foods sorted.
    6. You can select how you want the (larger) numbers in the game displayed; With or without comma's.
    7. You can turn creature pictures on/off. This is excluding environmental pictures, Town Guards and Village Guards.
    8. You can select if you want Scrolls to show on the fighting/exploring screen, or not.
    9. You can select if you want to automatically accept/reject spells that others cast on you, or if a message pops up to ask you if you want to accept or not.
    10. For Pixies only, they can choose to make themselves visible or invisible to others and village guards.
    11. You can use the "Rescue Me!" option. This will teleport you to the fountain in Shilla Town instantly, bringing you to immediate safety. However, it takes half of your Experience and Gold!
    12. You can Log out.
  3. Score
    View your stats here, and how much gold you have on you, your Deaths, and anything else you want to know about your character.
    A new stat is Encumberance. This is how much your character is weighted down. In the following table is explained how much you're weighted down. This means, how much of your total Strength you are using up by holding items. If you have 100 Strength, you can use up to 50 in order to get None Encumberance. When you use all 100% of your STR, you will lose 1% of your maximum fatigue every step. That's quite some, so try to keep None, because at Light or above you'll increastingly start losing fatigue every step. Here's the table:

    IndicationStrength usageFatique Loss Per Step
    Very Heavy95%-100%0.9%-1%
  4. Weapon
    You can Equip/Un-equip weapons here. If you have scrolls, you can also select which scroll you want to make ready for combat. When you click that scroll in combat, the scroll you readied will be cast.
  5. Armor
    Equip/Un-equip your Armor Pieces here.
  6. Amulet
    Equip/Un-equip your Amulets here.
  7. Food
    Consume Food at this section. Or just take a look at them.
  8. Spells
    Cast your spells here. You'll need to learn them before you can use them, and before this menu shows at all. You can also select which combat spells you want to have in your spellbook (the fighting screen) or just in the menu on your left.
  9. Skills
    Under the Skill menu, you can use your Mining skill, or check if you have the Treasure Hunting skill. You'll have to train them first, before this menu is available.
  10. Single Attack
    The more commonly used attack by new people, this lets you use one round agains the creature. If the creature isn't dead, the fight stops for a second, allowing you to eat, or whatever. If you kill the creature in one round, then you..well, kill the creature. =)
  11. Run Away
    I don't recommend this option, as you lose half experience of what you would've gained if you killed the creature. If you want to run away, you can always click a direction. It's there to prevent a certain way of cheating.
  12. All Out Attack
    Marked Yellow, this option of attack will let you attack consecutively, but also the creature. Are you confused? Well, it's like this: When you don't kill a monster in one round, you and the monster both fight until either one of you dies. If the monster is strong, you are likely to die. Most of the time you get hit back, and you can't heal once you've clicked All Out Attack. Use it with caution.
  13. Life
    This is your Life Gauge. For more information on this, check the Stats Page.
  14. Mana
    This is your Mana Gauge. For more information on this, check the Stats Page.
  15. Fatique
    This is your Fatique Gauge. For more information on this, check the Stats Page.
  16. Consider
    Don't think you can handle a creature? Consider it! When it tells you to run, it basically means that you have less life(on that moment) than the Maximum Hit of that creature. When a creature has multiple attacks, it'll say that you can survive all hits, or only a certain amount of hits. It's smart to run when you can't survive a hit.
  17. Combat Spells
    There are a few combat spells at this moment: Life Tap, Acid Cloud, Energy Drain and Fireball. The truth: They all suck, but they have their uses. However, if you just want to move on fast, you won't have any use for these spells. Don't bother with them, unless you're a mage. In that case, Energy Drain might be useful.
  18. Scrolls
    There are two Scrolls that can be gotten right now, which are the Fire Storm Scroll, dropped by Death Angel in the Well (in the Plains), and the Ice Storm Scroll, dropped by Warrior Mage in the Pyramid. They can be VERY powerful if you train them well, but it's a one-time shot only. You can only get Scrolls later in the game, and especially Ice Storm Scrolls are hard to get.
  19. Directions
    The directions you can move to, appear here on the screen. You can move around in shilla this way.