Main Guilds/Speciality Guilds
  • Fighters Guild
  • Rangers Guild
  • Swordhandlers Guild
  • Axemasters Guild
  • Clubwielders Guild
  • Staffmasters Guild

  • Mana Users Guild
  • Mana Weaponeers Guild

  • Thieves Guild
  • Daggermaster Guild
  • Guilds Quest Restrictions
    (Life=Fighters, Mana=Mana Users, Fatigue=Thieves)
    Joining/Quest 1Rescue the King
    Quest 21000 Life/Mana/Fatigue
    Quest 32000 Life/Mana/Fatigue
    Quest 43000 Life/Mana/Fatigue
    Quest 55000 Life/Mana/Fatigue
    Quest 67000 Life/Mana/Fatigue
    Quest 710000 Life/Mana/Fatigue
    Quest 815000 Life/Mana/Fatigue
    Quest 925000 Life/Mana/Fatigue

    Directions & Locations of Guilds
  • Fighter Guild: Located south of Trader Jack.
  • Rangers Guild: Located in Elven Village. From donation spot, the base of Yggdrasil: East, North, West(x2), South (x2).
  • Swordhandlers Guild: Located in the Draconian Lair. From the Lower Volcano Teleport: Up, E(x5), N, E(x3), N, NE.
  • Axemasters Guild: Located east of the weapon shop in Dwarven Stronghold.
  • Clubwielders Guild: Located in the Orc Outpost. From the entrance sign, head: North, East, North, East, North(x2), East(x3).
  • Staffmasters Guild: Located in Draconian Lair. Go to the spell shop, but instead of Southeast, go Northeast, then East.
  • Mana Users Guild: From the fountain: West(x3), South.
  • Mana Weaponeers Guild: Located in Elven Village, at the Spell Shop, go down.
  • Thieves Guild: From the fountain: East, South(x2), East(x2), South, East.
  • Daggermasters Guild: Located in the Halfling Shire. From the center, head all Northeast.
  • General Information about Guilds
  • Joining/Leaving Guilds:While you don't have to join a guild, it can be smart to do so anyway, depending on how you're playing/going to play.
    You can join three guilds. The Fighters Guild is south of Trader Jacks, The Mana Users Guild is 4x West, South from the Fountain, and the Thieves Guild is found 2x East, 2x South, 2x East, South, East from the Fountain.
    You can, obviously, only be in one guild at a time. However, you're not required to be in one permanently either. It's up to you which one you choose, but should you make the wrong decision, and you make up your mind, you can leave the guild and join a different one.
    If you leave a guild, you lose all your progress in that guild; All your Quests and Promotions will be lost, and have to be done again should you ever re-join. If you forged the special Bracelet, that will be taken from you as you leave the guild.
    After you leave a guild, you cannot immediately join another guild. The first time you leave, you must wait one day before you can join a guild again. For example: You leave the Mana Users guild on monday because you want to join the Fighters guild. You can't join today, since you left today, you can't join tomorrow (the waiting day), but you can join on wednesday. Now after having joined the Fighters guild, you're still not satisfied, so you leave (on wednesday). You can't join today, you can't join tomorrow or the day after (the time has doubled, from one day to two days), and the day after that, you can join again. I think the time doubles everytime you leave a main guild. So I wouldn't change too often .. Make a decision, and correct it if you really have to, but not too often, or your flexibility will be all gone.
  • Rewards/Promotions:After each quest, the guildmaster promotes you, wether it's said or not, he does. Each promotion in the Fighters guild will increase your grope, but lower your spell power, and in the Mana Users guild, your spell power goes up and your fighting abilies go down. In the thief guild, there is no difference.
    If you go through all Forge-Quests, you get to forge the special guild forge item. Note that you can ONLY forge it if you are in that guild, and made it up to that last forge-quest. For fighters and mana users, this means you MUST have 25k Life or Mana for the forge, and for thieves it means you MUST have 15k Fatigue for the forge.
    Guild Forge Armor Jewel/Gem Weapon Dust Food Forge
    Fighter Piercing Bracelet Red Ruby Gauntlets Red Ruby Blackened Staff White Pixie Dust Raw Imp Town
    Mana User Wizard Bracelet Pearl Polished Shield Black Obsidian Sculped Dirk Green Pixie Dust Red Wine Town
    Thief Master Bracelet Pearl Leggings Green Emerald Shining Claw Aqua Pixie Dust Pegasus Wing Town
    The Piercing Bracelet lowers the creature's armor by 5%, the Wizard Bracelet increases your spell power by some, and the Master Bracelet is the ultimate accesoiry for a Thief: It gives invisibility, underwater breathing, flying ability, seen in dark places, reduces heat in volcano, reduces sun/cold in desert, and gives 200 Charisma.
    The speciality guilds can only be joined if you are in a Main Guild, and every speciality belongs to a Main Guild, which are listed in the first table.
    In Speciality Guilds, you can only do quests as many as you have done in the Main Guild you are in. If you did up to quest 6 in the Fighters guild, you can only do up to quest 6 in the Swordmaster Guild, for example.